Compile problems - no Magick++.h

Aug 27, 2012 at 11:10 PM

I have downloaded the source code of ImageMagick.NET and was unable to complile it. First, vb anc cpp projects have different .NET Framework version (2.0 and 3.5) so vb project was unable to refer to cpp. Second, when compiling cpp project, it fails with 

Error 2 fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Magick++.h': No such file or directory imagemagick\\imagemagicknet\Types.h 15 ImageMagickNET

Indeed, there is no such file.

Are these complete sources or should I download anything else?

Aug 28, 2012 at 1:36 PM

You need the core binaries to be installed to work with  ImageMagick.NET.  These will include the C++ header files.